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Create Engaging Worship Experiences Through Worship PowerPoints

Have you ever found yourself missing the scripture your pastor is using today and asking your church friends sitting next to you about this?

Power Point Training

If you are like most churches, you rely heavily on volunteers to fill most positions. Many times that comes with a desire to help, but maybe lacking in the skill sets. We provide PowerPoint training that will bring excitement to your presentations. From slide timing, readable fonts as well as engaging backgrounds, we provide all the training necessary to bring life to the screen.


NEW Training Manual

This training manual is created to provide the tools you need to design intriguing PowerPoint presentations for worship, sermons, lectures and more. Containing 50 + pages of instruction, graphics, tips and guidelines of training on how to generate great PowerPoint presentations sure to enhance your congregations worship experience.


Power Point Creation

Creating spiritual content that creates a moving experience through PowerPoint is what we do best. Beautiful slides that connect with the congregation helping to communicate the message of both the songs and sermon creating an unforgettable moment. You provide the songs and sermon; we do the work


Church Websites

Does your church need a website? Worship Powerpoints partners with Foster Technology Group to help share the word and events of your church. All sites are affordable, mobile and tablet ready and easily maintainable.  Contact us directly here:  CLICK


Equipment Consulting

Considering going to the digital service presentation or making changes to your current screens, monitors or computer equipment? We can help guide you through the process to ensure that the proper equipment is purchased to the meet the needs of your facility.


Worship Powerpoints

Today’s society places the demands for technology for effective communication. Even our children are interacting with their friend’s via cell phones, doing homework on tablets and communicating with their parents via text. Conducting even the simplest of meetings in today’s world without technology is all but gone.

In the church environment, we are well on our way to the same. The hymn books and church bulletins are quickly becoming a thing of the past and worship song lyrics, announcements and illustrated sermons, displayed on vivid monitors, are the new way of engaging the congregation and producing a pleasurable worship experience for any age.

Assisting churches in connecting with today’s media savvy congregations through the use of technology is what we do best.  Our PowerPoint training program or our creative design service offerings are sure to enhance your congregation’s experience through unforgettable announcements, illustrated sermons, and spiritual worship music presentations. Elevate your worship experience by partnering with us today.


Example Power Point

Make the Service Something to Remember!